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DUBAI, UAE (United Arab Emirates) is now developing into one of the worlds top tourist destinations and it is not hard to see why. With an excellent all year round climate, some quite stunning holiday and vacation rental accommodation, with quality beaches and much more it is clear why people are flocking to Dubai.

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Dubai, UAE has continued to gain prominence also in recent years for tourism with world wide visibility through events including the Dubai World Cup horse racing, Dubai Dubai travel marketInternational Jazzfestival, UAE Desert Challenge, Rugby sevens and a quite new addition, the Dubai F1 grand prix.

Dubai is a city which is a wonderful place to experience the culture of the UAE and it is a very welcoming city with people who are very open and kind. This city makes for an excellent holiday and vacation location and combining and event such as the F1 grand prix can make it quite a trip.

Useful Information on Dubai: We take a look at all aspects of Dubai travel and culture including upcoming events, guides, doing business and accommodation options. For a quick search, you can find some good Dubai hotels. You can learn about everything from how to get around the city by metro, airports information and much more. Despite some problems recently with the economy, Dubai as an emirate still also remains an interesting place in which to do business - thus you might be interested to read about business and trade opportunities.

There are several companies who offer bespoke Dubai Holidays although many of the major chains such as Virgin Holidays offer trips. will continue to be important to the local economy in the UAE. A few things to ensure if you are visiting the UAE. Firstly make sure you have cover for illness, medical energencies and to cover other issues. Also make sure to be prepared for the desert heat. Bring appropriate clothing and if you are elderly, maybe go for lower exertion day trips.

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Dubai is a delightful place to visit and two events not to be missed annually and worth visiting especially for:

A truly International location - Dubai is home to a majority of immigrants and this means that the location is quite international in nature. This for many is an attraction to visit this part of the UAE and means that there is pretty much something for everyone in Dubai. If you are interested in Asia, you might well also enjoy a holiday and the culture of Bangkok and also the experience and very different culture of Seoul, Asia. The region is a fascinating mix of cultures and a wonderful area to travel. Make sure also to visit Cuba culture and travel if you are an avid traveller.

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